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May 02, 2004


Busy Mom

What a cutie! Sorry he had a rough time, I would have too. The bride looks beatiful as well.


Of course he was mauled - he's got those kind of cheeks that any self-respecting baby lover would want to pinch!


He was probably petted because he is that gorgeous.

If it any comfort, my daughter has yet to make it through a wedding without screaming hysterically. She panics when she sees so many people in one room. I always have to leave with her within about five minutes of a service starting.

Doesn't matter whether it is in a church or a temple, she just hates crowds. And she lets us know immediately.

I'm so impressed that Isaac lasted as long as he did.


You painted a vivid picture of the experience - I enjoyed your writing and admire any mama who has any kind of social life at all. Even if it's going to Coptic Christian weddings.

PS Isaac is huge and adorable.


The pictures are beautiful. The wedding didn't sound like a barrel of laughs, though. Any child would be tired at 9pm! Heck, that's MY bedtime!!


Yikes, that didn't sound like a lot of fun. I checked out some of Isaac's pictures. He's adorable!

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