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July 25, 2005



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I sooo agree with all of this!

Nursing is WAY harder than labor- the first couple of weeks at least, then it's cake!! (but without dairy of cours- or CHOCOLATE in my case)


Yeah, I don't Pump In Style (TM) either. Usually I pump in the supply closet at work. :) Isn't pumping milk just the farthest opposite of sexy you have ever felt in your life???


Here's cyber-pat-on-the-back! Whatever your reasons for continuing to breastfeed, the fact remains that you had to tough out those difficult first weeks and you did.

I can't count the number of times I almost gave up or how many tears I shed, and I honestly can't say why I kept going except that I had a feeling it would eventually work out and I'm much too stubborn for my own good sometimes. But my son is now 4 months and I think we're going to make it to a year!

I just have to add that I envy you the weight loss - I've lost all but a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight but that's it. However, a friend promised the pounds would come off once I STOP nursing, and that the longer I nurse, the more that will come off. I've got my fingers crossed that she's right!


Sadly, the weight thing was a myth for me, but, I nursed anyway and,yes, it was ever so much easier the second time around. My claim to fame is that I had NO problems with my second (the only time in my life I've been so lucky!) Those helpful "pros" can be such a pain, though. My OB/GYN 's nurse encouraged me to stop with my first (after only two stinking weeks) because it was "wearing me out"! (I think she was projecting her failure on me.)Thank goodness I didn't listen to her and baby and I soon had the hang of it!


I am so with you on this GIRL! :-) Can I sign up too?


I am so with you on this GIRL! :-) Can I sign up too?


Those first six weeks, in my world, are worse than labor.

Compound that with the fact that I seem to get mastitis once a month, I don't think anyone in my world understands why I insist on nursing the whole first year.

Certainly, the weight loss is a plus.

But the fact that my first son - despite the year of nursing - developed severe asthma, I didn't feel like I even had a choice with the second. And so far, so good - he's 16 months old and very healthy.

And the lazy, free-ness of it all is nice, too. Nothing to buy, nothing to sterilize. It almost makes the vulgarity of pumping worthwhile!



And you're sooo right. There is no such thing as "Pumping in Style." Who did they think they were kidding?


great post. i agree whole heartedly on everything you said about the benefits. and i don't think you're selfish - you're honest.

the pump in style comment made me laugh out loud!


I had similar problems. My son is now 2 weeks old, and I think I cried every day for the first 10 days. He wouldn't latch properly, my nipples were bleeding at one point, so I started pumping. The pumping led to the bad habit of his not wanting me anymore. He would scream and kick me until I gave him a bottle. Now, by day 13 and 14, it's like a light bulb went on in his little brain and he nurses all the time now. And he latches properly too! I'm not cringing every time I have to feed him. I just kept asking advice of friends who have been through it and they kept me motivated to continue to try. Of course, like you, part of my motivation was the weight loss too. The pounds are melting off, but I didn't need the extra boob size. They were big enough to begin with! LOL.

Boston Mommy

Just what you want when you've just given birth, your hormones are all over the place, you're going without sleep and trying to manage more than one child simultaneously: Breast shields (and I found the pump difficult enough to manage!). Hang in there and keep reminding yourself of your own words, "It's free! It's free!"


I commend you! I tried nursing my son when he was born & he wouldn't latch on correctly, causing me so much pain that I just gave up when I got home. People may critisize, but until you know the struggles (and pain) of breasfeeding, you don't have a right to judge. I'm glad you stuck with it. You're a stronger mommy than me. Of course, my boobs are big enough, so I don't need to worry. lol.

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