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July 24, 2005



If it were me, I would set a definite limit with my child that the words you've described may no be used anywhere, period. Sure, it's an arbitrary rule, in the abstract, but socially helpful in sparing your child embarrassment and trouble now and in the future.

I think the words need to be off limits not just at school, but everywhere, all the time. That's easier than trying to remember that some words are OK at home but not at school. It's a matter of habit.

You also want to support rather than undermine, the teacher's authority in the eyes of your child.

If you attach reasonable unpleasant consequences to using bad words and consistently enforce them, they will slowly disappear.


Great post! I used to swear often and have since stopped because of my older son (he's 3 as well). In the car a few weeks ago I said "Oh Snap!" instead of "Oh S#@t!". Nolan said "Momma, what's that mean?" I replied it meant "oh, no!" because I left something at home. So now when he breaks a lego toy or something of that nature, I hear "OH SNAP!" Makes me laugh.


Haha we ran into that problem a while ago too, but it was relatives my daughter was hearing those words from. Now she knows she can say "fiddlesticks" and "darn" and her favorite, "donkers"... I don't know where she got that one from lol...


Just the other day, I spilled juice down the front of me and said outloud, "SH*T." Isabelle repeated sh*t (even though it sounds like sit coming from her mouth) for the rest of the 20 minute ride. I convinced her I had said sit. Or did I?

Robin P

I am so sorry, Christine,but I really needed that laugh! thank you!!

I tried to stop all those bad words when Lillianna was born and I thought I was doing pretty well...until.....when Lillianna was 4 years old, I picked her up from pre-school.
"How was school today,sweetie?" I asked my precious daughter.
"What a freakin' day!" she muttered as she got into her car seat.
Ya,well,that stopped me dead in my tracks. I stopped saying freakin' after that. I do occasionally slip up,though. Damn!!

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