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September 27, 2005


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My problem is not washing nor drying... its getting it out of the basket, folding and putting it away. My poor kids have to sift through a pile of wrinkled clothes in the morning for something clean, then we have to put it back in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I feel like a bad, lazy mom, but thats the ONLY thing I procrastinate on.


I hate laundry with a passion.My friend verbalized what I had secretly been thinking for several years: buy super discounted clothes and wear them for a few days, or a week-- till dirty enough to justify throwing them away. Excellent plan, I say! We are both semi-invalids who do not work, and stay home a lot, so it would be easy to plan our week so that no one suspects by dint of seeing us wearing the same shirt over and over. Since I've realized that no one really notices pants, I use that fact to lessen my laundry load, by wearing the same jeans/dark pants for days, just changing shirts when I go out in public.


I hate that I somehow ruin some of my clothes every time I do laundry. Last week I accidentally made my red dress shirt turn orange, and this week I shrunk my shorts.

The sad thing is, I used to never screw up my laundry.


I really don't mind doing laundry except that my sweetie-pie always has a handful of Kleenex stuffed in his shirt pocket and always forgets to remove the tissues before dropping the shirt into the laundry basket. I suppose I should be grateful that he puts the dirty clothes in the laundry basket rather than leaving it on the floor.


Hi all I am alan & I live in a house with 3 girls they all work & I don't so I have to to do all the house work including laundry dusting cooking ect, Iactualy enjoy it it all I fold & put their clothes away for them otherwise it would all end up on the floor again. OH I'm not gay !

Jenny Freeman

It absolutely NEVER ENDS!! Never! I cant seem to accept the fact that i have to do laundry every single day of my life (to keep up) Or devote an entire day to it once a week. I get so sick of it that i wont keep on top of it which just makes the whole vicious cycle worse..it makes me feel like a bad housewife and bad mom even (my kids gotta dig around for dirty clothes to wear!) I get so overwhelmed and feel constant pressure that laundry needs to be done.
I would give my right arm to have someone do my laundry for me.
laundry gives me no sense of accomplishment after i do it because it is NEVER all done..EVER..it just keeps piling.

Thanks for letting me vent..I HATE LAUNDRY!


Growing up my mother always told me that every time you take your pants off turn them right side out and always check the pockets.If I didnt do this they didn't get washed.After a few times of getting up for school and not having any clean pants to put on I learned my lesson.Now that I'm grown and do my own laundry as well as my husbands I know all too well why my mama said check your own pockets.This must be impossible for men to grasp.My husband is always leaving things in his pockets.Everything from screws, lighters,markers,money you name it I've found it in our washer or dryer.So I'd tried the "do it or they won't get washed route." That didnt work either he just wore them dirty.So if anyone has any suggestions on how to make a man check his own pockets please let me know.


I hate laundry - I teach school all day, come home, fix dinner, work with homework with my five year old, get his in bed, and I crash.
I do all the laundry on Saturday, but lately, for $30.00 a week, I take it to the fluff and fold. I feel I can control that better then being chined all day to the laundry.

Carol Marino

What I hate is the way they generally think of me as their personal unpaid maid. Isn't that the definition of slave? No shit. So, after 20 years of this I'm taking off this January for 14 days in Spain and in March for a month in Puerto Rico. What's my oldest say? "I'm just worried about the housework." HAA!!!! Get me out of here!


Kleenex in the pockets.....My husband always leaves kleenex in the pockets of his clothes, no matter how many times that I've asked that he empty his pockets before throwing his wads of clothes in the laundry, there is always millions of chunks of wet kleenex crumbs all over everything....


I have to say two things on what I hate about laundry:

1)My children, who are clearly old enough to do it themselves, 15, 13, & 9, REFUSE to do laundry unless I am to the point of mass hysteria and threatening to send them to school naked the next day.

2)Putting away the laundry. I don't mind so much the folding, or even the washing and remembering to get to the dryer to change them. But the putting away...that never happens. We live out of laundry baskets until it's time to do it again...and then, the basket only gets emptied because I need it for more clothes.


I don't mind laundry - took several years to work out a system to avoid an EU Washing Mountain. But I REALLY HATE folding! Loath it. Detest it. Try to avoid it. Unfortunately this means I have an EU Folding Mountain instead!!!


My boyfriend's pants have some weird pen vortex. I swear I check every single pocket on every single pair of pants and in every single shirt and still, EVERY SINGLE TIME I do the laundry I find a pen in the washer. We've exploded one papermate in the dryer. Thank god the pens he usually uses are the fancy ones that are more sturdy or we'd have to go get new jobs to afford the clothing bills.


I am happy to turn on the machine, or even do the occasional hand-washing. I delight in hanging the clothes on the line, especially nappies. But that is where the joy ends for me... Shameful, really!!!

Thomas McCroskey

My wife loves it when I do laundry. I score some serious points. I'm more ocd than she is about it too, and I actually kinda like it. This is real sad; last year we bought a fancy front loader, and I get some kicks using it like it's some new manly device. She freely admits that she hates it all, and can't remember to stay after it when it's cleaning day. I, on the other hand, keep it flowing. I HATE putting it away, though, and with two girls that are about the same size, I've intentionally not learned what belongs to who, so I've not seen the insides of their dressers in quite some time. I will, however, lovingly fold my dear spouse's bras and panties and place them carefully in the correct drawer. I DO NOT try them on!!!


Laundry is the very definiton of Entropy.

Rayne Cedergreen

My husband does the exact same thing, it drives me crazy. Why when I ask him not to touch the laundry must he be all over it but the cars have had 9 inches of dirt on them since 1999?!



I have the whole laundry process pretty optimized but it all comes to grinding halt when it needs to be folded and put away. I don't know why, I just hate it.


I hate all of it! And now, with a little one, I am doing it daily. When it was just me and my husband I used to be able to get away with NOT doing laundry until said husbadn would say he was running out of something. He is "allowed" to do his own laundry, he is not to touch mine. AND if he does do wash that involves my clothes he has raised his right hand and promised to read the label as to whether or not it can be dried.


I have such an issue with laundry and my hubster. He is the poster child for anal retentive behavior. If I don't fold his undies, shirts and T-shirt just so, then it's freak out time. Geesh!


It never, ever ends. You can avoid dishes by eating out, some cleaning by staying away from home or just not looking, but you always need clean clothes (and with my little potty-trainer, clean sheets).

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