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September 27, 2005


rosemary grace

This is one reason I like NOT having laundry equipment in my apartment. The few months we lived in a place with a washer-dryer stack in it, laundry was a neverending ongoing task all week. Always some stage needed doing. Now I can confine it to one marathon once a week. Though it doesn't always get folded or put away, at least it's clean and DONE.

Alice H

The only thing I hate about laundry is having to put it up when it's done. Otherwise I love doing it.

I don't know if my husband pretends to not know how to do laundry or really doesn't know how to do it, but when I had knee surgery a few years ago he shrunk all my cashmere by washing it.

He also seems to not be able to peel hard-boiled eggs, or what implement you use to peel potatoes, though, so I don't know what's an act and what's not.


Eek, I don't hate laundry! I like the warm clean smelling clothes and folding them is like yoga to me. Now dish washing, I HATE that!


I hate every aspect of laundry (except when it's as finished as laundry ever gets)....and the most dreaded is the SOCKS...They never match up---or one fades faster than the other one....it's tedious and I hate it..... although the whole tissue/crayon aspect runs a close second.


I also hate the fact that I forget to empty pockets before clothes get washed. I can't begin to count how many pennies, shredded tissues, rocks, and barbie shoes I have found in the bottom of the washing machine.


I hate the fact that some husbands *pretend* they don't know how to do laundry just so they can get out of it.

Think of it: one red sock in a load of whites - on hot - guarantees they'll never have to do laundry again! (Guys: don't get any ideas)

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