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January 01, 2006



Interesting list, a lot of electronic type items on here that I didn't think to include on my lists. I recently posted a couple article with 21 ttoal must-have baby items and I thought you and your readers woudl enjoy. http://www.ordinaryparent.com/lessons-learned/10-must-have-baby-items/

Keith Ross

Wanted to share my similar list of must-have baby items. http://middleclasskeith.blogspot.com/2011/08/10-must-have-baby-items.html


very pretty baby.


If I can recommend a Hotsling... I know its something I couldn't have made it without.


The dimmer is such a great idea! I can't live without the baby bjorn, the best thing ever, the boppy of course, natures touch papasan swing and pampers sensitive wipes!

Urban Mummy

The miracle blanket saved us!! Our son started sleeping much longer and sounder when we started using it. Swaddled him until he was 6 months old!!

Great list!

Alice H

We got Soothies for my son while we were in the hospital. Couldn't figure out why they kept ending up in strange places, until we saw the dog with one in her mouth - apparently she thought it was her new chew toy. No more Soothies!

I couldn't have lived without z Baby Bjorn, or without a Graco Pack n Play Sport - it's a really lightweight playard. It's thin on the padding on the bottom, but my son didn't seem to mind.


We have a second baby now, and I'm buying soothie pacifiers a.s.a.p. Thanks for a great list!


We have a second baby now and I'm buying soothie pacifiers a.s.a.p. Thanks for a great list!


#3 is right on. I absolutely love Sears' Baby Book and have since gien it to several expecting moms as shower gifts.


Very sweet ! Love it !


I like the dimmer switch idea - only I had ours installed in the bathroom. It's been a blessing for everything from less-harshly lit late night visits, soothing baths (for everyone in the family); gray winter mornings with eye bags and hormonal complexions, and it was great for gradually getting used to my new mommy body.


Agree with many of the items on your list, though I am once again sad that so many things I read about for babies aren't available in Canada ...

Here's what I'd add:

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat - we started with this instead of buying a traditional high chair, and we never missed having one. Kept my kitchen less cluttered.

Baby Bjorn - so much better than a stroller for running errands! We used this for nearly twelve months (and nearly twenty pounds of baby!)

Ergo Carrier - what we upgraded to after the Bjorn. Took a few months to figure out how to load M into it on my own, though, but now we're good!

Sleepsack - kept M toasty warm after she outgrew swaddling

Robeez - the only way that M was able to keep socks on her feet for the first year of her life!

Activity Mat - best toy we could find for a baby too little to sit up or hold things!


I love the idea of the Miracle Blanket. If I have another baby, I'll have to try that.

I liked that device that fits in a supermarket cart and lets you strap your baby in when they aren't quite old enough to sit up, but they don't fit in the infant carrier. It also protects the bar so they don't teethe on it.

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