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May 08, 2006



Karen - "you're so wierd!" is from a kid movie too... godhelpme, I can hear the phrase in my head, but can't remember which movie it's in! Gotta be Disney something.


If I remember correctly, "See you later, dude" is in "Finding Nemo". Perhaps that's where she picked it up? I swear my kid doesn't repeat one word I say, but EVERYTHING he hears ANYONE say in public...


You *are* in for it.

Kids do pick up phrases from who knows where, and they apply them perfectly. It's amazing. Maybe they're sneaking some tv in at the school!?


My niece killed us with this nugget:

We were out at the local toy store when she was 3 or 4. She's staring at the Bratz dolls (a topic deserving of a post sometime). She stares forEVER. Then, she says, "That's hot."

She's never met Paris Hilton, I assure you.


My daughter says all of the above and more... She has for quite a while. She has just turned 4. But I confess, she gets a lot of it from TV... yes, we have the dreaded box on sometimes, and let me tell you, she may not be watching but she's always listening. And remembering... and repeating... Argh!


I was nodding my head in agreement, thinking that it sounds like my 4 yr old - then I realized your talking about a 2 yr old. You're in for it!


Hi ladies,
I'm new to this site, but was looking for someone to share my Mommy excitement with since everyone else is sick of hearing me talk about it. I love this post...my son is only 4 months old, so no words yet, but I have a 4 year old nephew and WOW!! The cutest and saddest thing he has ever said to me was when he had a urinary tract infection and the only way he knew how to describe it was (with his bottom lip poking out) "I have an ear ache in my pee-pee"...melt... Now who wouldn't feel sorry for that little guy?!!!


My daughter started saying more grown up things after starting preschool, things that I would have never pictured her saying. Like "That is the coolest thing ever!" and "Mommy, you are my best friend."


love this post! i have heard some great things come out of my daughter's mouth - and some not-so-great things. usually the not-so-greats...come from me!

autumn hour

it only gets worse. when my 7 year old was around 3, she'd put on sunglasses or some cute item of clothing and say, "mommy.. check it out!"

now when she does something wrong (but not horribly wrong, just minor things), she says "my bad." and just last night we went to the grocery store where she was playing with and admiring a teddy bear dressed in a black leather jacket and hat when she told me, "momma, that bear was goth."


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