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September 18, 2006


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Isn't it more fun to just let our kids be typical? Sure we want them to excel, but whats wrong with simply being them? Nothing, and so glad there are others out there that recogonize it.


My 23 mo old amazes me every day. When she asks for baths, when she wants a wetwipe for her spills so SHE can "fiss it"...
OCD just like mom. /warm fuzzies all around

Just one question...where did you find Tigger sheets?


My 17 month old doesn't know a ton of words, or put them together in two word phrases, but he knows what "Walter" (the farting dog) says. Works for us!



my 2 year old don't even know his colours! I show him a red square and ask what colour it is... "quare" is the response, but he can let us know what he wants very well "I want to drink mine milky on mine mommy bedroom"

Maria P.



One my favorite milestones was when my daughter came to the realization that her farts are funny. That's when she really began to fit in at our house.

Domestic Goddess

Excellent! I think there is too much focus on getting our kids into the right pre-school and having "enough" activities to put on thier college applications that we forget to just let them be kids.
Good for you in reveling in her average kidhood!

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