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October 31, 2006



I'm also a lazy party person. I'm trying my darndest to avoid party planning while my kids are young cause they don't know that it could be bigger/elaborate.
I think it depends on your kid...some kids don't want a huge production and some love it.


You are my kind of mom, and that is my kind of party.


if i lived where you live i think i would only go iside when it rained. we've often mentioned that lamaze fails to bring up the fact that babies born in cold weather will require indoor birthday parties. i'm ALL for the low key! as tina would say, "what's love got to do with it?" peace


Your idea of a party sounds exactly the sort of thing I would do. I've been to those "blow-out" parties, and I too just stood back in awe. To me, they just take away the focus from the birthday child. I like small ones with one or two friends, go on a hike and picnic - maybe throw in a simple little scavenger hunt.

Robin P

This topic comes up at least once a year on DotMoms.

The mom you described could be my friend,Amy,who is Lillianna's best friend's mom. She just threw a Halloween birthday party for her 11 year old daughter.
She doesn't spend millions of dollars on the parties but she is extremely creative and she enjoys baking and designing everything that is needed.

I love Amy for that and Lillianna enjoys every party at her house.

I am more low-key and yet,Lillianna loves the parties I have for her too.
For the past 4 birthdays,we have had a slumber party in our apartment. The girls decorate their own cupcakes and they play games,sing and dance.

Lillianna enjoys the parties she has been to but she likes having her friends sleep over best of all.
I say keep it simple. We do and it works for us!


No Karen, it doesn't make you lazy or any less of a parent to say, "No," to the insanity.

Some folks love throwing parties, they really get into all the decorating. Other parents have other specialities and interests that they share with their own kids.

I have no problem with parents getting all excited about celebrating their children's birthdays EXCEPT when over-the-top birthday celebrations become expected, become the norm. I have a problem when other parents judge one another for NOT going all out, for just having a small celebration and a genuine expression of love. If there's judging, then I have a BIG problem with that.


I didn't have ONE birthday party growing up. Not one. My mom HATED me even having friends over to the house and I NEVER had ANYONE sleep over...so even though I don't have the money to do the really elaborate things....I plan on going all out on every few birthdays...one year, plain family party..next year HUGE FRIEND party...next two years, family parties...next year HUGE FRIEND party. :) I have to revenge my childhood a little. Who cares if I have to save the whole year.

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