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February 02, 2004



What a wonderful, heartfelt reminder to us all, especially as we approach Valentines Day. I am going to go home and hug my husband and remind my daughter how much I love her father. (and with your permission - I just might borrow your prose for my own hand-made valentine card for my guy this year!) Thank-you!

Marcia Lynx Qualey

I was pretty sure I chose NOT to love my husband, many times, over and over, as he continued to try to seduce me. (At the time, I was his boss). At some point, I was overwhelmed by his persistence (plus a little alcohol in my system--oops)....

And then, yes. Eventually, I had to start choosing him back. Day after day. Month after month. (Although sometimes, I wish he could do all the choosing and all I had to do was sit still and be chosen.)


What a wonderful -- and true -- way to look at an idea that's so often romanticized out of proportion. Love isn't always hearts and flowers; it's also diapers and trash. Making the choice about how to handle the tough times, the great times and those in between (which is where most of our lives lie) is what makes a relationship work. And it's not that choosing isn't romantic. Sometimes making the choice to find love in the midst of everyday dreariness is the most romantic thing of all.


That's a very sweet entry. :)


Your son's future wife will be very grateful that you taught him this valuable lesson so early in life. You're a great mom!


There was a time when I'd have disagreed, but now I agree completely. Every day is a choice in a relationship--Do we choose to stay together? Do we choose to try to reconcile our differences? Do I choose to ignore the deer hanging in the backyard? All of these are part of the decision of loving. And I don't think that can be taught. It has to be experienced.


Oh, that is so true and so WISE!

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