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March 03, 2004



That post is so cute. My little girl is usually so excited to be at Grandmas or whereever that she doesn't really have "time to talk to mom" ..the stinker ;-)


If only they stayed that sweet FOREVER!! ;)


after talking for a while...
me: let me talk to daddy.
son: bye bye!
me: don't hang up!
son: (hang up)


Usually it goes like this...

M: I'm finished talking now
Me: OK. Good night.
M: Good night. KISSES!!!
Me: mwah mwah mwah
M: mwah mwah mwah. HUGS!!!
Me: mmmmmmmmm mmmm.
M: mmmmmmmm mmmm. I squeezed your bones out.
Me: Put them back in. I'm driving!
M: (much laughter) pop pop pop. They're back.
Me: OK. Good night. I love you.
M: I love you too.
Me: OK. Let me talk to daddy.


I work a varried schedule.
2 nights/week I work until 11PM. My daughter calls me at her bedtime, we talk and then:
J: Goodnight
Me: Goodnight
J: I love you
Me: I love you too
J: See you in the morning
Me: See you in the morning
J: 'love you
Me: 'love you too
J: Mwah ~ Mwah ~ Mwah ~ Phew (three kisses and one puff to blow it my way)
Me: Mwah ~ Mwah ~ Mwah ~ Phew
J: Goodnight
Me: Goodnight *hangs up*
If there is any break anywhere in this routine, we have to start all over. Same routine since she was old enough to call me (she's 11)
My husband fears she is compulsive ~ I say no, it's just the comfort of the routine.

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