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October 31, 2003


Mary Treaftis

Watching Lori with Emma and hearing stories such as this reminds me of what motherhood is really all about. Many people don't stop to consider that life should be done differently than how they were raised at it is so wonderful to see someone develop her own sense of parenting that is so good and powerful. You are a very impressive woman, Lori. I'm way proud to have you for a friend. Those of us lucky enough to have had great moms at least have a sense of what to do,even if we don't live up to it. To find your own way without those guidelines is amazing. I treasure the memories of these sorts of activities that I had with my mom and also shared with my children (who are all grown). And it is wonderful to see my own daughter doing such things as well. It's a rewarding feeling of having done it right. And you are doing very right,Lori. Emma is the proof.


Lori and Adam are the best hands-on parents around. They both make me proud everyday. I am blessed to have a terrific son, daughter, I think of Lori that way, and granddaughter.


What a lovely story, Emma's a lucky girl!

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