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October 22, 2003



What a great idea! At day care they always dress the kids in identical t-shirts with the center's name and phone number on stickers on their backs, but until I saw your post, I would of never thought about doing this with my two daughters. I'll use the idea this weekend when we head to the huge antique show in town- thanks


Amanda, It is not recommended to put your child's name on her, or on the outside of any belonging that she might carry or have on her person. That makes it easier for a predator to lure a child because they can use the child's name and make it seem like they're an acquaintance the child might have forgotten she had met. If you must, put information inside her shoe when you go to a large public place. Tell her it's only if she needs to show a grownup if she can't find you. It could have your cell phone number on it.


When we're in a large crowd, all four of ours get mommy's and daddy's cell numbers writen on their upper left arm... like a tattoo - they love it!

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