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October 30, 2003



Does it start to decrease after a certain amount of kids? Is lack of sleep factored in? I felt smarter after the birth of my first- people even pointed out to me that I seemed more clear thinking after he was born. After the birth of my daughter, I became more creative. It's still happening and it's great- and strange. But I also feel dumber since her birth. I'm so, so tired. Really very tired. I can't add anymore. I'm grouchy. Mellow is not my middle name. What must it be like for mom's of three, four and five kids?


Yes, it happens at birth. I am two and a half months postnatal, and I'm more mentally engaged--smarter--than I was working as a kindergarten teacher, a manager or a journalist. Hah! Take that, all you who told me my brain would go to jelly.


No, I think it must happen after birth, sometime around the time that you stop breastfeeding. They have to give you something to compensate for the loss of your waist and sagging breasts. Being smarter, more mellow and more resourceful- hey I'll take it. But I still like to have back my 36c cup :) Think they'd allow me a trade-in?

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