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November 25, 2003



1. My investment in a few pieces of stylish maternity clothes-because my pre-preg clothes—well, they're not happening.

2. My son will get to spend a week with his father after Thanksgiving.

3. Good friends and my sweet little family at the table for the holiday, good food, good wine, lots and lots of good conversation.

4. Fresh ground coffee brewed strong.

5. 95 words per minute, Mavis Beacon eat my dust!

6. A reliable car.

7. First winter in my own house

8. My husband who waited for ten years while I figured out what I didn't want.

9. A newfound ability to let go of things that really just don't matter.

10. My gorgeous, giving, loving family-spread out too far away from me all over the east coast.

11. Everything else.

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