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November 20, 2003



I'd really like to hide my blog from my co-workers--in particular, my boss. Every time I see people from work, they ask, "So when are you coming back?" "February 1st" comes out of my mouth, but my mind (and likely my writing as the date approaches) is screaming "hopefully NEVER!"


I'm careful to write the blog so that it won't sting parental our spousal ears. It was originally intended as a log of kidbits to help us remember in the teen years why we liked them; so I am careful to keep it to everyday stuff. Otherwise it would become one long, terrifying rant about stuff you really don't want to know. I've been surprised at the folks who have become regulars--like my aunt in FL--who knew?? She's plugged into other branches of the family I hardly interact with. No, no, no, this stuff is here to remind, record, and amuse. There are plenty of people at the office to turn against my psychotic family.

*runs back to own blog to remove link to this one*


Mom. Definitely Mom. And my ex-husband.


I'd like to hide it from everyone who knows me in real life. For awhile I was able to do it, but silly me was too public about it. But it's not a big deal most of the time.


I've been stung enough by the comments that come out of my mouth, that I know to be careful with what I put on my blog. Verbal slips can be forgotten, but once it's in writing, there's no denying it :)


Hehehehe!!!! I am sooo careful what I write, for this exact same reason! I think I'm going to start a second blog for my alter ego! My name will be nowhere on it...

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