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November 14, 2003


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What scares me?
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My biggest fears:
1. The Dark
2. Spiders
3. Shark Attacks
4. Ghosts
5. Abandoned Buildings


Can I send in one of MY fears?????


Here are the things that scare me...don't know if I will get to 25 but.....

1.Dying before I am done raising my daughter. (note: I will not be done until I am about 90 or so)
2.Having my daughter think I am a moron when she hits her teen years.
3.Realizing her kindergarten teacher and the school principal find nothing wrong with having the whole class stand and stare at a boy in class as a punishment for misbehaving. This was initiated by the teacher!
4.Drivers who think a STOP sign and a RED LIGHT are merely suggestions.
5.Anyone who doesn't use a car seat for a child.
6.Anyone who leaves a child locked in the car while they just run in and do a quick errand. Cuz really, what could possibly happen?
7.Drunk drivers!!
8.Any person 21 years or older who buys alcohol for a minor.
9.Kids on a killing spree.
10.The trend of parents killing their own children.Why don't they just kill themselves and let the innocent children live?
11.A sex offender who just moved in to the building across from me. He has more rights to privacy than we have to safety!
12.My daughter being involved with an abusive boyfriend. (According to my husband she is never going to date so maybe we don't have to worry about it afterall!)
13.Commercials on tv. Even when they are over I don't know what the heck they were trying to advertise.
14.People with no sense of humor.
15.People who THINK they have a sense of humor but they really don't.
16.Teenage girls who consistently use abortion as their form of birth control.
17.Parents who don't hug their children and say they love them every single day.
18.The fact that English is not a required language in the USA.
20.Never catching up on our bills.
21.Not being able to lose these extra pounds...and there are lots of them!
22. Disney insisting that a parent has to die in every damn animated movie to help the main character grow! I could do without that, couldn't you?
23.Mean,vindictive people.
24.Chronic whiners.
25. The fact that I could probably go on and on and on with this list!


1. Willful ignorance
2. Harm to my children
3. Harm to my family
4. Perfectionism, or the expectation of such
5. Being chased by alligators or crocodiles ( I sometimes dream this)
6. Not so much being alone, but being isolated
7. Financial ruin
8. People with little or no sense of humor
9. What their parents must have been like
10. Driving in fog. I can handle rain, snow, anything that gives me a glimpse of the road now and then, but fog …[shudder]
11. Losing my nerve, conviction, cool head, or self-respect (though I have plenty in deep storage)
12. Losing closeness with my spouse or children
13. Losing their respect
14. Gaining their scorn
15. Deserving #12, 13, or 14 (or #5, for that matter)
16. Incurious minds
17. Political extremism in any direction
18. Fanatical monotheism
19. Forgetting how to be silly with my children, or thinking it doesn't matter
20. George W. Bush
21. John Ashcroft
22. What their parents must have been like. (Well, I guess we know about W’s.)
23. Not making enough of a positive difference in others’ lives
24. Missing opportunities to make those differences
25. Not being grateful for the differences others have made in my life, and in my family’s
26. But what really scares me most, what strikes me dumb and causes me to shake with horror and fury, is Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.


1. Losing my daughter
2. Becoming my mother
3. Going blind
4. Seeing well enough to notice the stuff lining my baseboards
5. Someone else noticing my baseboards
6. Bad grammar
7. My past coming back to haunt me
8. Being late
9. Emma growing into a girly-girl
10. Losing a front tooth
11. Getting one of the diseases I secretly wonder if I have
12. Talking to myself out loud
13. GWB
14. Losing patience with the world
15. People not getting it
16. Hummers
17. Forgetting the words to my favorite songs
18. Reality shows
19. Texas
20. Disappointing people
21. Nightmares
22. Menstural cycles
23. Pants/sleeves that are too short
24. Running out of books
25. Not being able to fool anyone


1) My continuing dreams of loosing all my teeth
2) That my daughter will love her daycare teacher more than me.
3) That I don't miss her enough during the day.
4) I'll never get my act fully together
5) Ultraconservatives
6) Wacko-lefties who make me look conservative
7) Trying so hard to be right that I forget to be happy
8) Other drivers
9) Hitting a kid while driving
10) Dying before my time.


In no particular order:
1. Spam, chicken nuggets, hot dogs.
2. My sleep depravation induced stutter.
3. My impatience and the self-loathing rage that lies beneath it.
4. Spiders.
5. Talking to credit card collection zombies.
6. That house my stepdad lived in one year where someone I couldn't see kept putting her hand on my face in the night.
7. The flying dreams I've been having recently when I fall back to sleep after Chris gets up for work.
8. Sounding like a complete moron.
9. Rocking the boat.
10. Jesus talk.
11. Frozen inaction.
12. Lumps in the gravy.
13. My son becoming so much like his parents that he'll hate himself.
14. That my writing just isn't good enough.
15. The idea that there is a good enough.
16. Farting in public.
17. Dying in any way other than quietly in my sleep a very old, happy lady.
18. The rash on my legs that showed up postpartum is permanent.
19. That my ex-husband will hate me and blame me for his unhappiness for the rest of his life.
20. That he'll be right.
21. I won't make any lasting, deep friendships in my new home.
22. I won't ever be able to get it together enough to write for a living.
23. The cats will continue their pissing war on my furniture no matter how long I make them live in the basement while they sort out their power struggles.
24. I'll end up with breast cancer no matter what precautions I take.
25. It's all just a big joke at my expense.


1) 2 1/5 year olds who play with poo...
2) The thought that my alarm clock won't go off...
3) My son entering the kitchen on ‘the scrounge’ for food...
4) Christmas presents that still aren't wrapped on Christmas Eve...
5) How saggy my boobs are after breastfeeding 4 kids and I'm only 33...
6) The thought of loosing my mother...
7) Not keeping up with the laundry and then trying to find socks for 4 children on a Monday morning...
8) Being alone...
9) The thought that my kids might not like me when they grow up...
10) Accidentally cutting my lip with a razor blade (this one often jolts me out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night)...
11) Speaking French to a French speaker who's English is better than my French...
12) The thought that my credit/debit card might be declined or not working at the check out and I've just bagged 385 euros worth of groceries...
13) The thought that my children will think I am old and foolish (this has already happened several times!!)
14) How dirty the inside of my car is at the moment...
15) Running out of milk on a Saturday night and Monday is a 'bank holiday'....(in Belgium anyway! They close everything here!!)
16) Thinking about having 3 teenage daughters some day!!!!!!!!!
17) Pain...
18) Imagining that the only chocolate in the world was orange flavoured chocolate...
19) Missing East Enders tonight...
20) My own limitations...
21) Egg whites that aren't properly cooked!!
22) People who don't know how to properly approach and handle a roundabout (traffic circle)
23) Almost every other driver in Brussels on a roundabout!! (Excluding all my 'fellow' British drivers... I may be American, but I am a damn fine British driver!!)
24) Stuffy people with too many 'airs and graces'
25) The thought that I am unintelligent...

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