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December 16, 2003



This year my husband and I aren't exchanging gifts because I can't justify spending all that money and then not being able to pay our rent.
As for our precious 6 year old daughter she gets a couple of small gifts on Chanukah and then a few things for Christmas and that's it. I am trying to teach her the meaning of the holidays. She is being raised Jewish and in Israel Chanukah is not actually a gift giving holiday so we keep it small. I can't stop friends and relatives from giving her presents but I try to teach her it's all about the family and being together and not about the gifts. She's really good about it and I don't have to spend money that I don't have!
You have to start them young and teach them what is important...that is if the adults can figure it out !!!

Marcia Lynx Qualey

Sorry that none of us has any advice...just: God, I know what you mean.

My Isaac will be just four months old at Christmas, and my husband already wanted to go out and start buying gifts. ("Come on," he said, "at least for his stocking.") Argh. I know this is going to be debt-inducing as the years wear on. I can convince myself to be austere, to make Isaac appreciate one or two thoughtful presents, a letter, something hand-made... But could I convince his grandparents, his aunts and uncles, my own husband? I doubt it.

And HELL, we live in Egypt. No one can say, "But everyone else in the neighborhood...."


Babyness is young enough that he won't know the difference this year, but yeah, I'm looking forward to his future knowledge of Santa with dread. We're not religious either, and yet I'm not nearly as afraid of him learning THAT story. That one at least has a better lesson to it than "gimme gimme gimme!"


Well spoken! My Santa hat's off to you! It's bad enough that we buy gifts for the kids and sign them 'Santa' I now have to be grandpa too! (yesterday I got a check from my dad asking me to be the kid's personal shopper) - uggh! And I thought I was clever and had all my shopping done. :)

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