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December 31, 2003



My daughter had night terrors and valium didn't work for us. We tried it one night, and that was the worst night ever. For what it's worth, what worked for us was having a very rigid, very routinized bedtime--same time, same words, same number of books read, etc. And she did this thing where she could look at books for twenty minutes after we put her to bed, then we turned the light off and checked after another twenty minutes. If she was still up she could have the light back on for another twenty, and so on until she fell asleep. It took a long time and it was hard but we did get through it. Hang in there!


Wow!I hope the night terrors go away soon!


Oh my! You're poor little girl, and poor you! Sleep problems are awful, and sleep deprivation is even worse. The sleep study sounds like a wonderful idea, and I'm with you about the valium (unless it's for you ;) There are also things they can (and probably should) do for the teeth grinding. I'm a grinder too, and that DOESN'T go away (it hasn't for me), and can cause issues on it's own. Her dentist could probably make some suggestions.

Good luck!

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