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December 25, 2003



You sound like great parents. I have enjoyed reading through your parenting adventures, I hope you dont mind. I dont have kids of my own yet but I hope to soon enough. I found this post to be quite funny. I was very sexually curious as a child as well but my parents took the opposite approach and told me I would go to hell if I ever touched that thing. This, of course, only made me even more curious about sex and distrustful of my parents. Anyway I think its wonderful that you are giving her the freedom to figure it out on her own, that seems to me to be the best route to take. I just finished an intruiging and wonderful article that applies directly to what you wrote about here. I think you would enjoy it. You can find it at http://www.sivasakti.com/local/osho/from-sex-to-superconsciousness/index.html


As I'm reading this CTV is broadcasting "The Sex Files"...topic - the female anatomy and specifically what to call it. It's really quite a complex body part that many people don't know much about. Who knows what we'll learn tonight!?

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