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January 21, 2004



I think it would be wonderful to have a group like that in Anchorage, where I live. Especially if the idea was to share about each other's cultures. Anthropology fascinates me.


Thanks for the nice words everybody! And Mindy's right -- being able to connect online has been a real sanity-saver as well!


OPAH! I went to school near Greektown and Little Italy! Love the Chicago neighborhoods, miss the pockets of cultural immersion. Everything here in California is a bit diluted; sweet, but diluted.

Your mothers' group sounds wonderful. I miss having the time and opportunity to do that...but through the wonders of technology, we have our own little group here at DotMoms!


What a gift! The mommy group I belonged to in Brooklyn, NY seemed diverse to me because there was one Asian-American family, one African-American and a few Jewish families. I've got to find something like that around here but my big fear is that it will be like my other branching out experiences here and it will be a room full of women puffing away on cigarettes while shifting their babies from one impatient hip to the other while complaining about their lives. I know, I'm being judgemental but I'm telling you, that's what it's like around here. Time to take the drive into the city, methinks!

by the by, another faboo post Rachel! I love your style.


That sounds like an amazing and interesting group of ladies!Most people look at my lily white skin and want to know where the indian that I claim is in there somewhere...lol.But my dad has a good bit in him and he is really dark skin,with black hair....I just doidn't get it.

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