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January 30, 2004


Robin P

Oh ya.....I remember reading this post. I think it is a great idea for people,especially children,to realize that they have a lot to be thankful for each day.

Lillianna was having a fit the other night because she had no one to play with,"THIS IS NO LIFE FOR A CHILD! WHY DON'T I HAVE A BROTHER OR SISTER??"

I had her focus on what she DID have and it brought her back to feeling grateful. Motherhood is a tough job!!


Thank you all! What a wealth of information. I'll definitely try this tack, because mine's not working. My daughter's usual response to "what did you do at school today?" is "Nothing." She's only five! I thought that was a teenage response! Her best friend's (M) mom told me she gets the same thing. The funny thing is when I ask M I always get a great answer. Why don't they want to talk to their own moms??? :(


This sounds like an excellent practice!!


We do this all the time, and it's wonderful. They like telling us their favorite parts (just like on Dora the Explorer), and sometimes we talk about their least favorite parts, and try to come up with ways to make them feel better about those parts.

Another thing that this post reminded me of that worked really well (unlike the structure of this sentence) was something I saw on Lilo and Stitch: when Lilo and her sister get really mad, they scream into a pillow. We instituted that as the way to handled frustration and anger, and for the short while it lasted, it was wonderful to hear tiny, muted cries through thick Pottery Barn pillows...


What a great idea, I'm implementing it tonight at dinner! I'm also going to get out the box I bought at Thanksgiving time for putting little slips of paper with good things that happened written on them. I completely forgot I had it! The idea is to fill up the box and then in a year take them all out and add them to a family journal.

Sometimes when Tyler has had a *bad* day, I ask him what HE would do differently. It's interesting to see how he comes to realize that other people aren't always to blame for our bad moods, that often it's just our attitude.

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