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January 27, 2004


Poop Is Green

My only question is where does "holy crap" come from?


Poop is the inevitable obsession...
Have you seen the Wikipoopia™?
It's just plain hilarious!


Super Duper Pooper song??? i thought I was the only one....I'm going to be humming that all day now, thanks.


Isn't it amazing what we would never talk about before we had kids and what we talk about now! My daughter is sick and her poop has been green this week. That's the BIG topic of conversation around our house!


This is such a big deal in my house... Dylan does ok, but is not so swift on the cleanup, and Daphne, who won't be 2 until next month, is insisting she get on the toilet every time. Why is this bad? She is squirmy, and jumpy and curious, and can't effectively tell us if she is actually finished... we are encouraging her nonetheless, but are getting tired of disinfecting the bathtub. Just the other night, she handed my a double handful of the stuff from under the bubbles...


I hear you. Before having my baby I was obsessed with my dog's poops. Now I'm obsessed with my baby's poop. Color, consistency, frequency, volume. I'm such a freak. Since I'm also a librarian, I'm surprised I haven't begun to catalog them.


oh yes.....been there,done that,got the tshirt...doing it again..lmao


Yep - living it! Check out Skeeved in New Jersey :o)

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