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January 21, 2004



Nancy: Believe me, you know my oldest... I always think she's going to be the worst child in any given situation, but am still constantly suprised by how bad it can get for another parent. Secretly I revel in the fact that this time "it's not my child," but privately I know that tomorrow it may be her!


I know it's a comment on a comment, but McD's playland is a great place to take a "Terrible two" (though I don't like to think of them as that) if you are a teen babysitting.

When I was 18, I was watching a child that was 3 and known for being "wild" within his preschool. I took him to McD's and he was playing very nicely in the tubes when I wasn't able to see him any more. I was looking very hard when I thought to look behind me just in time to see him at the table where his food was... and just in time to see him take his tray of chicken nuggets and milk, grin, and chuck the tray across the room. Of course the first thing I said, in my defense, was "Your mother is not going to let me babysit you anymore," just to be sure that no one in the room thought I was an uneducated teen mother. I sat him down, explained that that was inappropriate, made him clean his own mess up, and took control, thankfully, but was more than upset, imbarrassed, and frustrated.

In short, I know what it feels like to have "the worse behaved child in the room," and I don't have children of my own yet....I sympathize.

Hope Wilbanks

Yep, been there. Sometimes I think mine is horrible, until I'm around someone else's brat. :)


It does indeed help to see that other children behave as challengingly as your own, doesn't it!

I for one am very happy to hear that your child complains when the "wrong" parent hands her milk. My children pull this all the time--NO! Mommy strap me in or DADDY read story. It makes us both crazy.

--Eve P.


Don't you just love it when it's somebody else's kid! Thanks for sharing.

BTW: The toothpaste & Pj thing is also what kicks Jess out of whack everynight. I think she must save all her frustrations for the day for the last two items of her day.:)


Um there should be an apostrophe in "my kid's favourite..." as I only have one :)

My brain obviously left my body with the placenta...


I find the best place to go with a terrible two is MacDonalds. Yes, I know it's evil personified and so many parents think it's child abuse to give your kid a few chicken nuggets and some chips, but really when you're stressed out beyond measure it's fantastic.

Here's why:

1) No-one cares if your kid is going into a major tantrum because they got the wrong toy - they're too busy trying to control their own child.

2) There's someone there to clear up the after meal mess

3) The bribe of the toy can actually obtain whole minutes of good behaviour (and some of the MacD toys have been my kids favourite playthings).

4) There is *always* a worse behaved child there to make you feel better about your own parenting.

5) Worst case scenario, your own Big Mac is comfort food to your troubled parenting soul...

We don't go there that often, honest :)


I really need to remember this too.Seth in right in the midst of the terrible twos as well.

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