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February 25, 2004



I remember seeing Joan Rivers on a show right after she had a bunch of nips and tucks on her face and I screamed, "Oh my god!!!!! Why does she look like a cat??What happened to her????" Apparently she was supposed to look younger and more beautiful. She couldn't blink. Young people can blink. She looked like a train wreck. Unless I am in a disfiguring accident (god forbid) no one is touching my face. This is me....love me or leave me.


not surprising..... i work in the ER, and it's "cool" to get gastric bypass......omg.

Jay Allen

Very well said. Crap like this is one of the many reasons why my wife left the business world. How long until I can join her? :-/


So sad, isn't it? There's always some wrinkle (pardon the pun) when it comes to achieving what has always been rightfully ours - the ability to go where we want to go and to be who we want to be.

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