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February 03, 2004


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Janiss Terre Robles

Hi DotMoms! I just found your site and while writing this I'm thinking of spending the rest of the day reading all mommy blogs. I'm a young mom from the Philippines, works as an internet marketing specialist for US clients. My husband and I are blessed with a baby girl who's turning 3 in August :) I am so excited for I'll be having a preschooler soon!!! Enough about me, the very reason why I decided to write a comment is for DotMoms to know about Ella Renae West, 37 weeks old who was born with a high-risk birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). Tina, Ella's mom started sharing her daughter's story in January 2007. I was touched by their story that I bookmarked the site so I won't miss the daily posts. I've been following Ella's story with hopes and prayers that she'll be able to surpass this, grow up like every child and live a life she deserves. This is one good mommy blog with a very inspiring story from the West family of Colorado. More Power DotMoms!

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HI all moms!! I am a producer at a morning show in NYC. We are doing a segment next Tuesday about overprotective moms-- do they wind up raising 'wimpy' kids, as an article in Psychology Today suggests? OR--- are you so busy you are worried you don't have enough time for your child? Do you believe in a more laid back way to raise your children? Please email me at morning_show@hotmail.com if you would like to debate overprotective vs underprotective parenting-- which is best? You can also call me at 212-301-5256. Hope to hear from you soon!!!


i have been worried about prospect of a draft and my 2 teenage sons; i noticed most writers are young moms and may not have the memories of a loved one lost in war...i am 51 and remember my beautiful cousin stanley, who called me black-eyed pea because he must have liked my dark brown eyes.., his 3 brothers and 1 sister- how they unknowingly blessed me -and my brother with that gift noone can ever take from you...childhood memories - old farm house, chickens, eggs, snakes, bridges made of narrow logs, fishing at 4a.m., swarms of bees in old sheds, homemade biscuits, boxes of buttons -we spent 4- maybe 6 summers...maybe 3 weeks at a timme..who knows...but i do know what she looked like- stanleys mom - when she got The telegram from william jennings bryan dorn, with the official seal... it was 1971, i think and years later i felt stanley's name on the vietnam memorial. stanley's mom's eyes were forever red after that telegram, squinty and red.


Hi there.. I'm from Singapore, 32 yrs, a mother of FOUR... They are Matin 9, Syasya 8, Keisha 3 and Tasha 8 months old.. I'm in the midst of deciding to be a fulltime homemaker but still have doubts if i can ever succeed.. I've got great job in the Spa industry but due to the frequent travellings, i kind of felt how time flies and not realising the kids have grown!! I even didnt witness my lil' Tasha first crawl! Reading many of your blogs.. give me courage to be a good mom, wife and also educator to my children.. Congrats to all mom!


Hi Tina,

I graduated summa cum laude, too, really almost accidentally just by virtue of being a neurotic overachiever. I wonder what happened to that person? Now I consider the day a riotous success if I'm able to spot sections of the livingroom floor under all the toys by the end of it. Anyway, I found you under antique mommy and followed you here because you're such fun to read. Love your posts.


I enjoy your site and have been reading for a while, I would love to see a few African American moms represented in your ranks


i love this website. There are so many days when it just helps to know that i am not alone in this craziness! For a look into the wacky, wonderful world of twins, come visit at imnotcrazyivegottwins.blogspot.com


A friend just forwarded me your link. I will definately be back.


I have issues with photo sharing/blog sites where everyone cna see everything and finally found a mom-friendly solution. I found a new site that has great sharing tools and gives you privacy options. Its called http://familyroutes.com/ and you get a free account where you can set up a kids page in 5 minutes and your friends and family can also contribute. The best thing is I get to set who sees each page I build! I have my twins in there and no outsiders can see the pages. No lurkers and I can get my pictures/stories up fast. I wish they had more sites like this for us moms! Thanks and pleae keep our kids safe.


Hi! Wow--I'm thrilled to meet so many other writing moms! I think you might enjoy my book--525,600 Minutes--about a year spent knocking things off a long-lost life list of mine I recently found. It's funny, frenetic and fairly philosophical, and those with kids will totally get it--especially if you happen to be 40-something and finally coming up for air!

See www.pattiebaker.blogspot.com.

I'm posting a new chapter each month. Let me know what you think!

Clay Cook

Hi DotMoms,

I have a start-up which is about to launch in 2-3 weeks which I believe all of you will be very interested in.

It is currently in Alpha testing and I would love to invite you all to have a sneak peak to get your opinions.

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Thanks Clay Cook


Hey, I know some of your blogs! I attended a session at BlogHer and saw Jenn (mommyneedscoffee) speak with some others. I promptly went home and started my own mommy blog.

I'm still reading through the bios (and following links), but wanted to say Hi and I'll be back for more!

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