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February 20, 2004



My husband's mom died when he was 4. His dad remarried when my husband was 15. He called this woman his step-monster. Need I say more? I WISH my mil(monster in law)was a caring,loving,giving person. What would that have been like? My father in law was very ill and my husband said,"When my dad dies we are totally done with this family." and that's just what happened.
If I were you I would send what you wrote to your mother in law. You are both so lucky to have eachother. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Marcia Lynx Qualey

WOW. I wish I was that much of a grownup about my relationship with my MIL. I'm still at the whiny tantrum stage.


Oh...I wish my MIL and I had that type of relationship.Enjoy the pampering!

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