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February 13, 2004


Sue Magoo

Clifford the Big Red Dog. He found his way into our bed after I did some day care in my home and has never left. He functions as both comfort and a prop when I am knitting. I can do anything I want to him and often find myself snuggling with his butt when I awaken. My husband OTOH is way too noisy and wiggly to be a spauzy pillow.


I have a quilt my Grandma Emma made me when I was 7. I slept with it nightly until I went to college -- recognizing my baby clothes and Grandma's dresses in the squares. It lay over a hope chest after Adam and I first got married until he convinced me it was too ratty to be seen by guests. It is completely falling apart -- I try not to wash it unless absolutely necessary -- but it's still my cuddle-up-on-the-couch blanket. It's the perfect comfort item.


I have an afgan that my grandmother made me that I sleep with every night. I guess you could call it my "blankie". I've just never grown out of having one with me at night. It's so soft and I can't be without it.


I have never had anything like that until last weekend. My sister in law made me a wonderful birthday gift. She took my husband's old ripped jeans, some left over material from a blanket she made my daughter 4 yrs ago and my dad's shirt that has hung in my closet since the day he died 17 yrs ago. She cut everything up into squares and made a beautiful lap blanket. I cried my heart out. It now hangs on my quilt rack in the living room and I rub it whenever I go by it. It gives me a sense of peace and helps me feel connected to my dad.


This sounds weird, but I just keep thinking "my car." When I'm stranded at home if it's in the shop or something I go crazy! :)


I have two small stuffed-animal goats, one black (Gund) and one brown (Beanie), that rest by my computer. I fondle them once in awhile!

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