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February 03, 2004


Anne Harding

Hello DotMoms,
I apologize in advance if this is in breach of blogging etiquette, as this is all new to me. Anyhow, I am working on an article about how the current economic situation is affecting women's (and men's) reproductive health decisions, and was wondering if any of you have noticed this happening (families deciding to wait to have more kids, men getting vasectomies, etc.), or have experienced it yourselves. If you are interested in commenting for the article, you can E-mail me at [email protected]. My deadline is May 26. And please let me know if this is a blogging no-no!
Thank you,

Ian Walthew

Hi there,

I was contacted by a blogger(http://www.becomingdomestic.co.uk) who has you on her blog roll.

I'm an author and she wrote to thank me for writing a book I had written called 'A Place in My Country: In Search of a Rural Dream'.

This is what Becoming Domestic wrote in her email to me:

"I found your book in our local library and have enjoyed it tremendously.
Your story and those of your friends in Marsham is told so well. Before reading it I was concerned with leaving behind the final trappings of modern
life which may not be accessible in Cornwall but now realize I have so much to take their place.

I'm buying a copy of your book for my husband I know he'll enjoy it as much as me.

Thanks for writing it."

I hope you don't mind but I thought it might therefore appeal to you too, as she has you on her blogroll.

Here's the Amazon reference but it is published by Phoenix in paperback and was published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson last year.


If your site has heaps of traffic I may even be able to get my publisher to send you a free copy if you tell them that you will review and write about it, but they are rather mean when it comes to the Internet! (Why is beyond me.)

Anyway, there it is. Again, hope you don't object to this shameless self-promotion.

Kind regards,

DB Harrison

What? Nothing to write about teens and beyond? With my kids at 16 and 19, the stories get better than ever. I'm working on a book about our years living in a village outside Antwerp but I keep wanted to tell stories about our life right now! It get zanier and zanier.


Tammy Allen

Dear DotMoms,

I just stumbled across your website. I am the mother of a 15-year old boy and a university professor. I am conducting a research study on work and family issues and thought I would invite the moms here to participate. If you are interested, please go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=70548529532

Thanks for the great website!

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