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March 28, 2004



That is so precious! My daughter and I play "I Love You More..." game. How special it makes me feel!


Just discovered this blogsite through Mindy's--just what I was looking for!

How much does your child love you? ;)
We play this one alot--one of my favorite answers: "Bigger than the universe--and bigger than New Jersey!"


Thank you.
I am almost 30 weeks pregnant, and you have renewed my faith that the heartburn, backaches and inability to see my feet are all completely worth it.


The comment about "eleventy" reminded me of this: my mom's friend, who I have known all my life, once signed his email to me "I love you twenty dollars." When I questioned him about this he said he thought I knew what it meant since I had grown up with his kids. When his son was young, twenty dollars was the most amount of money he could imagine so that is how much he loved people. And now at the age of 40 his family is still using that expression!


Very Sweet indeed!


My favorite 'I love you' has been

'I love you eleventy'

Because, eleventy is a very special number no one really ever mentions, so it must be good.


I just found this site today through another blog and I have to say how much I love it - as a mother I completely relate and love it!


Lillianna reads Dotmoms with me every day and she said she wanted to say that she loves me more than the whole world and it's too hard to explain!
Well.....I guess that's all I need to hear!


My naughty little four-year-old girl said last year, "I love you more than the stars on my BUTT."

Erm, thanks. I think!


Oh My Word - that is so cute. You are lucky. I have 2 boys - one has just started to talk and the other is only 6 months and I cannot wait till they tell me how much they love me.

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