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March 28, 2004



Your story brought tears to my eyes. I cannot believe that anyone could neglect a child in such a way. That poor little boy, and that poor mother of his. Let's say a prayer that she will learn a lot from Children's Aid. I'm praying HARD for the both of them.

And kudos to you for doing the absolute right thing. I don't think I could have given him back to them knowing how little they seem to care. But you went in with an open mind and that is something very few would do. I may not know you but I'm very proud of you!


Speechless. And proud. You did the right thing. I almost threw up just thinking about that poor little guy holding his arms out to you and how he must have felt so safe with you.


You did absolutely the right thing. Kudos to you for doing so. My heart goes out to that little guy and thank goodness you saw him when you did..


You did the right thing, and you did it the right way, calmly and with kindness. Bless you.


You made the right choice. The mother clearly needs the help. At least now she'll be able to get it. I feel so sorry for that little boy.

Marcia Lynx Qualey

I don't know anything about the process--what help the girl might receive, etc.--but I think you did the right thing. How terrible and scary. I want to reach through the computer and hug the little boy right now.


Congratulations! You did the right thing. Teen mother or not that baby needs to be cared for properly and if she doesn't know what that means then she needs an intervention. I think I would've been so angry that I would've called the police when I found the child and let them find his home although that would've probably scared the poor baby to death. I can't stand when people aren't responsible. Children are not goldfish! They can't be replaced if something happens.
What if that baby got in the pool and drowned????? Then the pool owners would've been sued! It's just wrong to neglect a child.
Good for you for making that call. You saved a life!

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