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March 25, 2004


Busy Mom

It's hard. We spend 4-5 years telling them to share and now we want them to take it away, but just for the game! I think it's a great game, especially for girls. For my kids, it was just one day all of a sudden and they "got it", until then, the fun and outdoor time is what it's all about.


Last year when Lillianna was 5 she tried a 6 week youth soccer program. For the record, I am definitely NOT a soccer mom. Lillianna ran alongside the girls who were trying to get the ball. She waved at me a lot and loved drinking from her water bottle during break time but I don't think soccer is really her thing.She doesn't like taking the ball away from the other girls!! Unfortunately for me she thinks she is an awesome soccer player. She is already asking if I will sign her up again. YIKES!

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