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March 25, 2004



My biggest clean-up job always involves getting all of the kids toys out of the living room and no matter how hard I try its near impossible to get rid of all of them. Talk about too many toys!

Royal Mom

Impending guests are my only motivation for detailed cleaning. Otherwise my hubby ends each night with the "clean-everything-quick" routine. If the house starts to turn into a dive, I know its time to start planning a dinner party!


Ah cleaning, a favorite pasttime, really.

For me, a quick-clean entails a run of the vacuum over the entire first floor, area rugs upstairs, and if I am really swift, the bathroom floor too. Next - Fantastic! Spray down the counters with the stuff, gather any loose papers off the table, and spritz some kind of air freshener. This is pretty much a daily event for me...and with the kid in tow. I bet I'll have to revise this plan once he's crawling; what do you think?


My routine? I hate to admit it, but it's called Ms. Donna :) And for $80 every other week, it's worth every penny. The only problem is that we can only comfortably have guests over to the house twice a month :)


I don't have a quick clean routine but my husband does. While I am at work he hides everything so that when I come home the house looks clean. He claims he puts everything in it's correct spot but I disagree because I can never find a darn thing when he is done!! I give him a big hug for his effort but then I play hide and seek with all our belongings until I find them again.


I LOVE it when guests are late, because I do the exact same thing you do! I tackle the most offending messes first, then work my way down the priority list.

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