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March 04, 2004



Dr. Seuss's ABCs and the Cat in the Hat are in heavy rotation at our house right now, spurred no doubt by the birthday activities this week at his preschool.

Here he is in the hat he made this week.


The current favorite in our house is: "There's a Wocket in My Pocket!"


Dad was definitely the biggest Seuss fan in the family. He is big on wordplay in general, and Dr. Seuss brought out his playful side. His favorite book was the one about the Circus McGurkus, and to this day members of my family will still indicate that we don't want to do some specific task by saying, "I'm sure that Old Sneelock won't mind!"

As kids, we loved the book that involved the tweedle beetle puddle paddle battle. I'm sure I mangled that, and I don't remember what book that little episode is in, but I do remember acting it out pretty often. "MOOOOM! She hit me with the broom!" "Yeah, but so did you! We're playing tweedle beetles!"


The orginal Cat in the Hat is still my favorite but I seem to enjoy them all, as do my girls.
The sun did not shine...


And to Think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.


Oh gosh...I love them all!
"Hop on Pop","Green Eggs and Ham"..the list goes on!


"Oh the places you will go."

I received this for a graduation gift from a dear friend.

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