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March 29, 2004



I wish I had thought to use one of these when Morgan was younger. We always had one heck of a time trying to keep her near us, so it was either plop her butt in a cart or in the stroller and listen to her scream to be let out, carry her and risk back injury, or let her loose and pray that she wouldn't slip free and run away [which happened about half the time].

When my five month old gets to the point where she's running about, I will be getting one of these if she follows in her sister's footsteps. The way I look at it, it will let her have her freedom to walk on her own and at the same time allow me to feel somewhat safer as it will limit the chance of her running off and getting lost or worse.


A couple of days ago myself and my SO were walking along one side of a busy Manhattan side street and saw this adorable little toddler running down the opposite side. We thought he was with the couple that was walking nearby. But then he drew further and further away, and we tensed up, about to run into traffic to cross the street and grab him. His dad came RUNNING down from nearly the other side of the city block to grab him, and ended up grabbing him by the back of his shirt just as the kid was about to step off the curb. (The cars had all seen the baby and had stopped by this point, so the most danger the little boy was in was from the curb. But THIS IS NYC, what the HECK was that guy thinking?

The wristbands are a sign that the parent recognizes the fact that a toddler wants independence but that at the same time a small fast little being that can squeeze through much smaller gaps in crowds and doesn't recognize signs of danger is *not* a good thing!

Gretchen C.

You go, girl, and don't worry about the comments. We have a son who is two and a half, and who likes to walk instead of riding in the stroller. He also loves to dart off without warning. Do you know how slippery a two-year-old's hand can be when you try to hold it? Very. And off he dashes. It's not just a freedom issue, it's a safety issue. We have one of those for our son, and we use it. And shame on anyone who tries to make you feel bad.

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