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March 25, 2004


obgyn gilbert

They are toxins that can alter body processes and make the system unfit for reproduction.


Strawberry Kwik. Bottlecaps candy. Laverne and Shirley. CHiPs. Satin jackets.




Going to sound weird but Kraft Mac and Cheese- loved it as a kid, hate it now.

Other things-

Sweet Tarts
Cotton Candy
Fruit Loops

And I agree with just about everything that others have written here too.

Royal Mom

Cotton candy. Ack! Whatever made me want to put that vile wad of pink fluff into my mouth? Just thinking about it disolving into a granular goo makes me gag. Pass the spinach please..hehe.


1 word: Oreos.


Sand, sand, sand! Loved the sandbox as a kid, and cannot, absolutely CANNOT stand it as a parent. Sand is my enemy!


Jello,Hubba Bubba(how did I get that huge wad of gum in my mouth?)snow cones...the list goes on and on!
Oh!And Cocoa Pebbles...ewwwww


Ok, I totally get why you hate everything on your list except one.....BUBBLEGUM MUSIC!!! IT'S TIMELESS!!! Not only do I love that music from MY generation but I am dancing like a fool to all my daughter's favorite bubblegum tunes from Hilary Duff aka Lizzie Maguire and all the teen singers from Disney. Hey did ya know that one of the Disney singers did a remake of that classic Partridge Family tune "I Think I Love You!"?? That's Bubblegum squared!

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