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March 25, 2004


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I need me some Dorothy shoes.

One of the girls in L's preschool comes to school at least once a week in full Cinderella drag, including tiara. I love her mama for that.


I'm not a mom yet, but I do have a funny story from when I was a kid, and for which I will always love my mom...
when I was in first grade (so about 4-1/2 yrs old), I pitched a fit when my mom wanted to dress me up really sweetly and girly. So she decided this was not a battle she wanted to choose to fight, and I got to go to school in my dance leotard and one of her aprons.
I hope I'm like that when I have the honor and priviledge of being a mom.
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Emily Petrick

I'm so with you. For a long time, I resisted letting my 4.5 year old, Lily, wear her "party shoes' to school. I was thinking that the kid can't run and play in heels, but then I gave in this morning. It made the kid so happy, so what was the big deal? I packed her sneakers in her backpack and told her that they were there in case she needed them.

BTW -- The Dorothy shoe obsession is universal. My older one wore out 3 pairs, ditto with the little one. Long live red shoes!

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