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April 23, 2004



So glad to hear the follow up to your post about your then "upcoming" surgery. Glad to hear that it all went smoothly, and I look forward to your posts!!

Marcia Lynx Qualey

Ugh, I hate general anasthesia. It's like a little moment of dying itself.

Another Marcia

Sorry that you had to go through so much. Glad to hear it went well. :)


Congratulations. What wonderful news.


I am so glad everything is ok. I would go crazy with an hour to myself to think!!!!!! As it is Lillianna slept at a friend's house last night and I had to hold myself back from calling the house at 11pm to ask if all the doors were locked!
I agree, if it comes down to me or my child I pray my child is kept safe although I am absolutely not done raising her and she needs a good mom so I hope nothing happens to any of us!!


I'm glad it went off without a hitch,and I agree with you....that last hour waiting is pure hell.

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