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April 27, 2004



Our dog ran away one time but he always came back. We lived in a rural area and he loved to go scouting. He was always back within an hour. One day he wasn't home after 2hours so we went looking for him. We drove all over looking for him. We were probably out for over an hour trying to find him. We finally started heading home when we saw a neighbor walking down the street. We asked the neighbor if they'd seen a big black labrador. The neighbor replied, "Like the one sitting in your driveway?" Ugh.

I'm so glad that Zoser came home - with no harm. Well, other than your emotional harm. :) You certainly didn't need any more emotional stress.

I love the name Zoser, by the way!


My dog liked to run away but we knew where to find him. You couldn't help but hear all the women screaming when our 8 month old (75 pounds) Old English Bulldog went within 100 yards of them. I thought it was funny but my husband always got aggitated!


Glad to read Zoser came home.


Just what you needed, huh? (sigh) I'm just glad to hear that he is home safe where he belongs, and you have one less thing to worry about. Isaac is still in my prayers, as are you and your husband.


Oh my goodness, you did not need that to start your day! I am one of those crazies who adores her dog as much as her own son (Ok, perhaps not as much, but he is UP there)...to lose a beloved pet amidst all the stress you are dealing with would have been bad. I am so glad Zoser came home!


I'm so glad that was some good news for you.

I wish he could have come back with a clean bill of health for Isaac clutched in his teeth.

I hope his return is just the beginning of good news and happy endings for you all.


I think you need to sit Zoser down and explain to him that he should talk things out if he is upset, running away, even temporarily, is NOT the solution. Could it be that you are extra attached to Isaac now because of what he has been going through and Zoser can sense that? If you usually let Isaac play by himself or sit by himself but now you hold him more (which is totally understandable!) then I think Zoser may be jealous.
Or maybe Zoser found a "hottie" a few blocks away and needed a visit.
Either way.......glad he found his way home!

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