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April 24, 2004


Marcia Lynx Qualey

Jeez, Em, I didn't want to know that! You mean Isaac is going to grow up??? I'll just not think about it, thank you...


I am a mother of older children (two boys, 17 and 12), yet I still vividly remember that day. Even though it took me about 10 years and about $10,000.00 to get pregnant the two times, I knew I was (emotionally) done when I thought myself pregnant at 40 and discovered I most certainly did not want to be.

I just got back 10 minutes ago from sending the older one off to his senior prom. I've enjoyed every step along the way. It always changes, but it's still an amazing journey.


That should be the last 10 yrs of my life...typo.At any rate,after that long it's what you get used to and it's hard to imagine moving past it.


Oh how I can already understand in a small sliver of a way. I can't get over that my pregnancy with Liam is long-gone now, and that his newborn-ness is also fleeting away, and fast. I loved pregnancy and I loved having him, the experience of the first few weeks (oh the trials!)...to think about not ever doing it again breaks my heart. We still have a few kiddos left to go, if we are so lucky, but as a woman, I can understand how letting go of the "baby" part of our lives would be hard, hard. Yet, as you noted, there are some liberating perks about being where you and Seth are at...so many wonderful moments to come, truly. It's very much an emotional ride, all of it, isn't it?


I double checked your bio for accuracy...your oldest is 9, you are 29 and you have had a baby or small child for the last 19 years????? My math is pretty good but I am doubting you were a mom at 10!

As for trying to deal with your youngest being more independent, I have no answers. Lillianna is almost 7 and she is our one and only. I am having problems thinking how fast these years have flown by. It's frightening!

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