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April 30, 2004



I love when we are watching "The Wiggles" or any show where there is dancing and I copy the steps and Lillianna thinks I am this wonderful dancer. I took dance for 12 years as I kid...I can certainly do a little step kick number!

My favorite thing is when I pretend to misunderstand something she has said. This is a sure way to get her out of a mood. If she says, "I can't find my shoes!" I ask, "What? You want to go to the ZOO?" She says, "NO mom! SHOES! I can't find my SHOES!" I pretend I finally understand her and ask, "Oh....you want to take a SNOOZE?" Then she laughs and it goes on and on for a few minutes.Then I say, "Oh....you want your SHOES! Well why didn't you say so in the first place????" She comes over to hug me and the bad mood has passed. Ahhhh....I love those moments.

Marcia Lynx Qualey

Also, for me... It's hilarious (lots of belly laughs) for Isaac's dad to hit something with the flyswatter. But when I do--no response. ??


1. Old Beatles songs and Baby Einstein can soothe the savage baby--But I wouldn't recommend trying them simultaneously.
2. A breeze across her face would prevent screaming at many a diaper change.
3. Baby poop can shoot across the room for a few feet if you're not careful on the changing table.
4. My daughter's face when she first sees me after a hard day of work is the greatest thing in the world.
5. Echoing terrilynn, She's her own person and has been since day one.


Such a lovely post, truly Marcia. I'd say right now, my map includes:

A string of ribbons fastened above Liam's changing table. Who knew ribbons would thrill him more than the Whoozit! or link-toys I spent money on!

Babies are ticklish at an ungodly young age...

I can sing any song in or out of tune, change the words, and say things that don't make any sense, and elicit a true giggle, which is terribly cute...

Teaching a child to sleep is NOT as easy as following any prescribed program...(thank goodness I finally learned that).

Patience is the most important quality I now have...

As you can see, my map is still evolving :) We have a ways to go, but for 5 months in, I feel pretty good about where we've come.


I think mine would include:

> learning that hearing one of us sing Yellow Submarine would almost always make him stop crying

> having to learn how to give him shots without crying (me, not him)

> learning that he came pretty much fully himself, and that no amount of influence/brainwashing on the part of anyone else could change that which was hard-wired

Great post.


The strangest place on my (my daughter's) map: the changing table. No, seriously, THE CHANGING TABLE. When my daughter was just a month old and screaming her head off, off to the changing table we went. Even now, at nine months, we still head to the changing table when she starts fussing. Hey, whatever works!


Strange Place on my Map = "My Heart" when my boys become an issue{long story there}, the "out-of-bounds" place {is not that bad if you know where base is} and "Grocery Stores" and "General Stores" are STRANGE (get me out of here places) when meltdowns occur, brought on by wants. Uhhhh and Short-Fluid-Sentences that make sense like Yours, are places I want to get to on my map. I long for peace and grace(prayers answered). Those seem to be missions of our military and goals for every Mom I know. "Terrific Post"!


Well said! I have a three month old, and I'm finding out the very same thing...it's so individual! :)

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