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April 27, 2004



I think we all go thru that from time to time, I know I do but then I sit back and watch my kids smile and play and I realize if they think they are okay then I need to relax and stop thinking so hard =)


I had a few beers while I was pregnant, my daughter is formula fed, I once let her sit in a poopy diaper b/c I just didn't have the energy to open my eyes, she watches Baby Einstein and naps in the car on the weekends (so I can run errands). I'm the epitome of a bad mom. But, hey, she's still breathing and smiling...I must be doing something right!


LOL! It was the spicy yellowtail roll that was my downfall as well! Rather than feeling guilty about it, however, I think it makes a convenient scapegoat: "Curse you, sushi! You made my baby into a monster!"


Eh, isn't that what life is? A big experiment?

I get to be the control!


Eh, isn't that what life is? A big experiment?

I get to be the control!


Oh great, you mean to tell me it doesn't go away? I thought that I only felt this way because Liam is still so new....yikes - it is one of the harder parts of Mommyhood!


I have gotten increasingly guilt ridden as my children's problems have gotten increasingly bigger.

Maybe if I had worked out of the house, my kids wouldn't be so scared of me leaving them? Which I think hits the core of the mommy guilt, because how many women who work outside the home feel that exact same guilt because they weren't home with their kids as many hours as a stay at home mother is.

Seriously, you can't win the game. It's hard wired.

Marcia Lynx Qualey

And for me it's usually that I feel guilty because I don't feel guilty enough. How's that for a circular argument?


I'm ridiculous with the guilt too. For a brief moment one day, my 20-mo.-old was busy playing with his cooking set and watching a Baby Einstein DVD at the same time. I finally had a few min. to use the computer, but just one look at his sweetness, I had to join him. I must be insane.

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