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April 26, 2004



I'll be thinking of you ... I wish you peace.


I can't imagine the stress and worry you are going through right now. Lots of positive thoughts and hugs going your way.


Oh my. I'm so sorry you haven't gotten any real answers. It's awful to wait when your child's well being is involved.

In the interim, just focus on all the wonderful things Isaac is and does. He's still your cuddly little guy.


I have an 9-month old daughter and I'm a typical new mom: everything, EVERYTHING, must be cleared by the commitee. I, of course, am the commitee. I worry constantly about her future, afraid that anything I do will somehow hinder her chances of getting into Harvard. But I agree with Melissa, you have to focus on the positive. Afterall, you obviously turned out fine.

My prayers are with you.


I'll send good thoughts your way, Marcia. I know a bit how you feel -- my older son put us through tons of worry with various health problems (luckily, all of them turned out to be nothing). We spent a long time worrying about possible fluid on the brain because until he was about two, his head circumfrence measured OFF THE CHARTS. It finally slowed down -- he's just a big headed kid. Then we went through a whole series of tests for a bunch of things, including Cystic Fibrosis, because he had a chronic cough. Turns out that he just has reflux. The waiting and worrying is so hard. I hope that, like it did for me, your worries end up being for nothing. Sometimes you have good reason to trust your instincts.


I waited 8 months to find out what was wrong with me and I'd take another 8 months instead of waiting 2 weeks for something about my child. You must be so frustrated and worried. I know you are in denial - and you should be! You are probably right - and sound more informed than that doctor. :)

You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Do whatever you can to not think about it much over the two weeks. Isaac may pick up on your worry, even at his age. Any time you stress just keep telling yourself that have done what you can for now by making the appointment and all will be resolved (the good way!) in 2 weeks.

Sending lots of hugs your way...


Keep thinking good thoughts... You're doing everything you can to get answers. That's what a good parent does. When you get them, good or bad, you will deal with them at that time. My prayers are with you!


Marcia Lynx Qualey


There might very well be some top-of-the-class pediatric neurosurgeons in Cairo. But--since our pediatrician didn't know any and we already had a trip planned for May 10--we decided to roll our dice with a U.S. neuro.

Good news is that we have an appointment for the afternoon of May 11, less than 24 hours after we land. So the wait will be as short as possible.


My prayers are with you and your family. Two weeks sounds like an eternity when it comes to your baby!


Sending good thoughts, prayers and wished to you and Issac. I know you can't wait to get back to the states and see a specialist. It's amazing that there isn't any better specialists is such a progressive city. Keep thinking your good thoughts - a positive attitude is often the best cure.


My prayers are with your family. I cannot imagine the stress that you must be under. May God be with you.


I really think the best thing you can do for these two weeks of waiting is believe with all your heart that it is the benign form. I don't know how else you can make it through the waiting.

My mother always tells me, and i rarely listen to her...but it's valuable advice nonetheless. Believe it is the best case scenario until you find out otherwise. Because, if it's good news, you'll have wasted all that energy worrying about something that is not your reality and if you do find out bad news, you'll have plenty of time to be upset then.

I never listen to this advice. Well I listen, but I have a tendency to be incapable of following through.


We're all thinking good thoughts in your direction, Marcia. I don't think there's a mother alive who doesn't understand what you must be feeling. Hang in there.


My heart to you--sounds so stressful, even with denial. I had a pain under my right ribs a couple years back, I went to the doctor, she suggested an ultrasound which showed four "spots" on my liver. The doctor left me a message saying, among other things, "if it's malignant, it's very advanced." I had multiple tests, suffered multiple long nights of anxiety, finally to reach an actual, knowledgeable expert who said 70 percent (70!) of women have similiar spots on their livers, and that mine were nearly certainly benign. Good luck.


wow Marcia.I'm so sorry.I know this is going to be a hard two weeks of waiting.I will continue to think about ya'll,and hope when you get back to the states you find a Dr. that you trust and he can give you the answers you desire.

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