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April 07, 2004



uh oh -- my son has many of my personality traits yet none of my genes....oh my gosh! how did that happen? maybe it's because I'm the mom?

Angela Giles Klocke

Um, yes, I've realized my second son is very aware of germs, like I once was, and refuses to drink after me, and even cringes when he sees me testing dinner to see if it's done. Or maybe it's just my germs he's worried about. Hmmm...


My mom and I just had this conversation today!! Lillianna looks just like her dad but acts just like me. She can recall details like they happened 10 seconds ago. She gets her nose in a book and she is lost to us. (My mom left me alone when I was reading. She knew there was no point in asking me to do anything if I was reading!!)Just the other night she threw a fit before bedtime and she SLAMMED THE DOOR. Hey wait a minute....she did it just the way I used to do it. I was so mad and yet so proud that she was just like me!!! (I still punished her for that though!!)


Does talking too much count? Oh wait...I still do that!


There are so many traits my daughter has that drive me insane and when I complain about them to my husband he looks at me with raised eyebrows and I know exactly what that look is saying. (Something like, "That is so totally how you are").

Everybody loves a smartie pants.


Unfortunately,Hannah seems to have gotten all of my traits that I had rather died out!lol

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