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May 23, 2004



Well, you've described me well enough. I just talked Stacey into gymnastics in the fall, and then we watched the USA team perform (or something) and I got worried. How can I watch her learn that kind of stuff without yelling from the sidelines to "be careful!"???


Remember the movie Kramer vs. Kramer? That said, it's much harder to watch than it is to get hurt.


I am sorry your daughter cut her shin but it made me laugh at the end. I worry about Lillianna and I try sooooooo hard not to be the psychotic over protective mother from hell and sometimes I succeed!
When I was around 9 yrs old I used to climb up on our roof and sit up there sometimes. I can't even remember how the heck I got up there!
There were no bike helmets or car seats and I am still alive. Imagine that!
There is a potential risk for danger no matter what we do or where we go. Living is basically dangerous! So I say what the heck...let's live....but wear a seat belt and always carry band aids!...and a cell phone to call 911.....and a first aid kit......

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