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May 20, 2004



It was never a decision for me, literally, but I don't for one moment regret any of it. I'm glad you changed your mind :)


I used to say that I was going to have 8 kids. I had my share of people who said they would check back after I had been through labor a couple of times. I'd still have 8 of them if I had the time left in my reproductive years probably. I got over the worry of whether or not to have a 3rd just fine.

Even though I have a sister who is a really fucked-up mother, I still do not understand the concept of people who say they do not ever want kids. Sure, I can keep my mouth shut and not tell them what I am thinking, but I AM still thinking that they are totally missing the point of life.


I used to swear up and down that I was only having one child, and now I have 4. I can remember my sister swearing she would never have children well into her mid twenties, and now she has 3.

Jessica used to swear up and down to me that she was never having children. Now she is saying she only wants two, a boy and a girl. Well, I will be happy with whatever choice she makes, as long as it's oh, at least 10 years from now. ;)


Yep. I will hopefully never, ever mumble and curse "effin' breeders" as I make room on the sidewalk for strollers and kids strung hand-to-hand in a line behind Daddy, the way I did before I had kids in Brooklyn.

Marcia Lynx Qualey

I never swore that I wouldn't have kids (I was in the other camp; I always just assumed I would). But now that I have a baby, I think it's much more sensible to assume you won't, and work toward a decision as if it IS a decision.

After all, this is a decision. And a big one.


I have a friend who isn't having children and people say that, "You'll change your mind" thing to her all the time.

I totally agree with you, it's so surperior and smug and totally unnecessary. If you change your mind, you do. If you don't you don't. It's really no one's problem but your own.

Those people who told you you would change your mind were not actually right at all. You weren't destined to change your mind but you always could.

Plus you learned parenting rule number 1 (maybe 2...but definitely in the top 5): Never Say Never, Because You Never Know.


Like Meg,I swore I wouldn't have kids but at 19 had a surprise.I'm the youngest of 5,and I thought I had had enough of kids.But after Hannah,I realized what I would have missed if she had not surprised me.And most days----I'm thrilled with the surprise!


Oops - I didn't divorded him. I divorced him!


LOL! I swore up and down that I wouldn't give birth. Oh, I wanted children alright. All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mom. But I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE THEM NATURALLY, no way, no how! All of that morning sickness? Labor? Childbirth? Not for me, thanks!

And then at 19, I got a little surprise. One that came with LOTS of morning sickness, and labor & childbirth. I named him Alex. ;o)

After that pregnancy, I decided I was right. Pregnancy sucked. When Alex was 6, I decided I wanted more kids, but didn't figure I'd have any because my then-husband didn't want to adopt.

Then at 29, I divorded him, and got back together with the biological father of my first son. And guess what? He had custody of his son and daughter from his second marriage. Lookie there - I got my houseful of kids, and I only had to go through pregnancy once.

Isn't it wonderful? *grin*

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