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May 27, 2004



My three year old son is fascinated by my morning routine, and always asks "What doing?" when I put on makeup. I never know quite how to answer: I don't want him to think I don't like my face; I don't want to teach him negative gender roles. Lately, I have been putting a little dot of rouge on his nose and giving him some eyeliner pencil cat whiskers, and he is happy (though I imagine he wonders why my face is not nearly so interesting as his after I put MY makeup on).


I just remembered something else... When Erin was about 2 1/2 we had two big black dogs. They had a habit of laying right in the walkway and at least once a week I would trip over them in the dark and then yell "Damn dogs!" Erin was talking on the phone to my mother-in-law and she asked Erin what she was doing. Erin replied, "I'm playing with the damn dogs." It was hilarious to hear that coming out of a 2 year old. We quickly got her out of saying that and I learned to bite my tongue when I tripped over the dogs after that.


hahaha Great post.

We were coming home from a family function when Erin was about 4. My husband was speaking ill of a relative. I said, "Well, you know that the next time we're over there Erin is going to repeat everything you just said about them. 'My daddy thinks you're...'"

You really have to watch what you say in front of them. Oh, and I caught my daughter saying 'freakin' (my version of 'friggin') the other day. I thought "Uh-oh."


Oh I am laughing at your sweet post! How cute is your daughter? You explained it so well - little kids are amazing at what they pick up from us. I am making a mental note to hide my thongs and start watching what I say NOW!


My cousin Noah was the same way - I guess this really shows how frustrated most of us get in the car! Unfortunately, the yell-at-the-drivers expression he picked up (from my grandmother, when he was two) was (at rattle-the-windows volume), "YOU SHITHEAD!"

He's now 24 and my aunt has not yet let my grandmother live it down. :)


These bring back memories from when my boys were younger!

Like Lilliana, more than once I heard my Chris (about 3 at the time) yell from his carseat in the back, "Come on already, you old fart!".

Before that, we knew it was time to stop swearing in front of him when he was about 18 months and our old dog had taken yet another shoe and gone to hide under the dining room table. He pointed at the dog and started yelling "Sumbitch, sumbitch!"


My oldest isn't quite at the stage yet, but it's been instructive to read the essay and accompanying comments. I'd better start practicing now at improving myself I think, because I have a long way to go before I want her imitating me!


Oh I try, but as my oldest grows even older I see that it's not just the words that she repeats, but she copies my mothering with her sisters, she even acts a lot like me (mostly good stuff). It's not even something she does on purpose. It has helped me change some of my less desirable habits for my younger children.


LOL- It's so true and I'm right with you. Being a parent of young child does indeed make you a better adult - or at least a more politically correct one. :)


When Lillianna was 3 we were stopped at a light. The second the light turned green she yelled from the back seat in a disgusted and impatient voice, "GO PEOPLE!!" I asked her why she said that. "Well that's what Daddy always says at a light!"
The other day as she was reluctantly cleaning she said, "Life SUCKS!" I didn't ask about that one. I know she heard that one from me. I gently told her we should not use that word. She predictably said, "You do." I said, "Ya well when you are 41 you can say it too!"
When she slips and proclaims, "What a freakin' day!" I don't always correct her. Sometimes she is right!!


Tony has started telling me "Forget it" when he gets upset about something. I usually tell him, "OK, I will," but I wondered where he got it from since he doesn't go to daycare. Then one day, as Angelo and I were having a discussion of heated sort, I finally said "Forget it! I won't ..." whatever the issue was. All of a sudden it hit me. Tony was getting his belligerent "forget it" from me! I think I'll listen a little more closely (OK, a lot more closely) to the words that come out of my mouth from now on.


Morgan [my five year old] does the same thing: she gets one of our gazillion coffee cups and pretends she's having a cup of coffee with me, she can imitate my frustrated growl to perfection, and so on.

I will never forget the time when I noticed a rustling noise each time she yanked on her underwear. Curiousity finally got the better of me and I chased her down to investigate. Once I caught her, I pulled down her pants to see what the noise was and found that she had put a pad in her panties.

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