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May 23, 2004



What about an ungrateful principal and school board. Please don't get me started on how I was asked to teach a classroom of 26 including 7 esl kids, oh and school starts in three days. I did my best, got good comments from parents and fellow teachers, but at the end of the year, all I received was a critical letter from the Principal (the same principal who so highly flattered me earlier in the year) a threatening phonecall from the superintendant and a non rehire notice delivered in person, who came univited to my house, five hours after my husband got a pink slip, and two weeks after a head on accident.

I'm not teaching in that church school system again.


This is all good education for me. My girls are just entering school in the fall (kindregarten and preschool). I'd like to help out but there are boundaries to be set. :)


While the teachers are being pretty selfish by not expressing gratitude, why is that a determining factor in whether or not you'll help? Is the primary motivation for helping at school so you'll get a great big thank you at the end of the year?

Busy Mom

I don't know about the homework thing, either. Not only is it not a volunteer's responsibility, it seems like there would be some privacy issues as well. Very odd.


I am shocked that the teachers would be so demanding and ungrateful. Are these teachers any good at teaching? If that's the kind of teacher who would be teaching my child, maybe I should consider homeschooling.


I'm practicing my 'Assertive' skills this year because next year when both my children are in school at least part time but during the time before I go back to work at least part time...I'm vulnerable.

Quite honestly I have *lots and lots* of plans for my 2.5 hours of alone time twice a week (woo hoo! 5 hours!). I do want to help out but do not want to fall into the over worked/under appreciated segment of the mom volunteer population.


Lillianna gets the bus at 7:30am and is home from kindergarten by 10:45am. If I drive her she is in school at 8am. I barely have any time to myself. After I shower, eat breakfast and check my email it's time to drive to the bus stop (we are in a HUGE apt complex) to go pick her up.

I work 38 hours a week so I treasure my piddly couple of hours a day to myself. It seems like every day they need moms for something at school.I do my best to attend as many functions as I can: gingerbread house making day, fall craft day,spring craft day etc. I know her classroom needs help but what's the point of my child going to school if I am always there with her?

If a parent doesn't go for an event the child is paired up with another family. Then I feel like the worst mom ever on this planet! I've only not gone to one event that I could have but I still feel bad about it.

I think it totally stinks that no one appreciated your help. That's outrageous. Correcting papers was totally out of line. I would've reported that to the principal!!


Sheesh you sound just like me in a sense. I wasn't room mom to my daughter last year because even though I signed up I wasn't the "chosen one". However I did more than the room mom and the assisting room mom (I wasn't good enough for that either).

I assisted 3-4 times a week putting in several hours a day, field trips parties you name it. I sorted paper packets assisted in the class and at the end of the year I got the same thanks as the mothers who sent in candy for the patries but never did anything.

This year I did next to nothing for my daughter. At first it was because her teacher was snotty but then because I had my son to take care of. I have helped out a little and went on all field trips but I got no thanks for anything and didn't bother to try harder.

My son starts school next year and I am unsure what I will do. I guess teachers taking advantage is a common practice. You shouldn't have been grading at all what if you were to mess up scores? Not that you would but that is her responsability.


Sheesh, thanks for the warning. My son's too little for school, but I'll be on the lookout for ingrateful teachers when he gets there.

Did you ever mention to the principal how much you did without ever getting thanked? What did some of the other Moms who volunteer have to say? I would definitely have asked about the homework grading, that sounds totally out of bounds to me.

Just wondering.

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