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May 24, 2004



My hideout is more in space than in time. Lemme see if I can explain...my computer is in the middle of my living room, and during the day various children and cats hang all over me while I burn through email and try to fold laundry at the same time. But the same computer at midnight....ahhh. Diff story, right? Just me, the glowing screen, and the wonder of the Internet. I used to be a morning person before all this mommy stuff happened...now I'm a night stalker. And it's all because I crave that time alone, so bad that I'm willing to go sleepless for it (hey, that's what coffee's for)

Hah...the dentist's office, while the guy drills my cavities,is my other "alone" place. How lame is that??? LOL


Tiff - I have the same questions for my kids. "Are you bleeding? Is the house on fire? If both those answers are no, it'll have to wait!"

Actually, the only time/place I have to myself is in the car, after I drop my daughter off at pre-school, and on my way back to pick her up, 2 days a week. I open the sunroof, play the music as loudly as I can, and try to recharge as much as I can in that 15 minute trip!


My personal hideout comes every evening just before bedtime when Angelo takes our son Tony, gives him a bath and reads him a story before putting him into bed. Since I'm home all day with Tony, Angelo takes over when he gets home, and I can have the dining room or bedroom or living room all to myself. Well, mostly to myself.


We just bought a new house -- among the reasons (besides three kids!) we needed a new house is that my wife doesn't have her own space in the old house. She made it a point to tell me that she wanted a room for herself so she could tell me to "Get the f*ck out..." just like when she is prancing around in my office pushing buttons and I tell her same...I'll feel some perverse sense of accomplishment the first time she says it. The other sad truth is that she collects stuff like Fred Sanford and needs a place to store it besides my office. Lordy!


My hideout is my bedroom. The husband only uses it to sleep in, and the kids know if I happen to be in there and it's not bedtime, it must mean I need time to myself...


Well we sure do have alot in common when it comes to our little "hide outs!" I feel the same way and it is funny that the ONLY way I can get a few moments peace is to fill up the tub, turn on the jets, turn on the radio and lock the door. My six year old knocks and I say, "Are you bleeeding?" She replies, "No ma'am." I say, "Is the house on fire or is their an emergency." She replies, "No ma'am. I just wanted to see what you were doing." I say, "I love you. I am taking a bath. Go away and don't come back unless I am out of here or you are bleeding or the house is on fire." She laughs and says,"UGH. Yes, ma'am."

Unfortunately, if I am just "using" the bathroom and forget to lock the door my hubby, daughter and two dogs are standing in the doorway wanting something! :)


We are in a 2 bedroom apartment! I would LOVE my own hideout!
Right now Lillianna is in her room playing with her friend Mollie and I have to clean my room since I was at work all weekend. I put out snacks and drinks and said to please not bother me unless she REALLY needs something. (She's in the very next room so it's not like I can't hear them.) Well, she just came in with an emergency. There are wiggly beads on a cat that she made and she asked if I could please fix it tomorrow.
Of course.....so I guess there is no privacy no matter how hard I try.
Any room in your bathroom for ME?


I don't have a hide out right now because our house is the size of a thimble. We are putting it up for sale next week (!) and looking for bigger digs. I CANNOT WAIT to have some space for me.

I think it's very normal that you mention the bathroom and lotions, manicures, etc. For me, the luxury of advanced personal grooming was the first thing I gave up as a new mom. Luckily I do get the chance to do it from time to time (fingernails here I come!) and it always makes me feel so nice. I enjoy pampering myself, but mostly it's about the secure-feeling that comes from looking put together. A great way to spend an hour, in my book ...

angela marie

A hideout?!? I would love one.

With four children, ages 9,7,2, and 1, I too hang out longer than I should in the shower. I say shower, because once the water turns off, they feel they have license to come on in.

I thought the idea of alone time was really tested when I went for my annual pap and I had my 9 year old son stand in the hallway holding the hand of his 2 year old sister and my one year old daughter sitting on my stomach while my legs were up in the stirrups. Now THAT is my alone time. LOL!

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