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May 27, 2004



Everett's (almost 2 years) favorites rotate frequently but he always pulls out "Elmo" at the most inconvenient times. This "Elmo" book is the huge one, bought by my mother-in-law (of course), with the camera that makes sounds when you press the buttons (like, "smile for the birdy! cl-cl-clICK!"). it always seems to dig its sharp corners into a soft spot on my body. And we don't read it, we just turn the pages and push the buttons.

On the good days, though, we spend endless hours wondering where Sal's mother is in "Blueberries for Sal" or answering "what's that?" about all the curious creatures in "The Foot Book."


Anything with a truck in it. How many 2-year-olds can say "backhoe" or "bulldozer"? Today my son tried to say "excavator" and came pretty close. We also have quite a trove, maybe 80-90 books, but they were mostly hand-me-downs from his boy cousins.

"Goodnight Moon" bores him silly. He brushes the book aside contemptuously as if to say, "That silly bunny goes to sleep way too readily; doesn't he know the waking world is full of TRUCKS?"


Right now it's Babar, which would be OK except that she doesn't understand about his mother. So, every night she spends the whole reading time trying to figure out where his mother is.


Thanks for adding me! My son's choice is always Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Moon.. and let's not forget, Goodnight Moon! Maybe its the way I read that one book so well?


Chicka Chicka Boom boom is a HUGE favorite with Olivia - my 4 yr old. The Berenstain Bears, Blues Clues, Dr Seuss, Froggy, Olivia.. the list goes on and on.. we also easily have, between my two girls, at least 350 books. We are also voracious readers.


My 23 month old went through a phase where she wanted to have "what shall we do with the boo hoo baby" and "I feel happy" read each night.

I know them so well that I can recite them without the book now.


Well at least you are still being a good mom and reading it. I have slacked up on reading "bedtime" stories and I need to get back in the habit. I (bad mom) will usually say....we already read that....okay I am feeling guilty now!!


I'm lucky enough to be on the other side of this discussion. Emma, at 3, is all about variety. We own about 200 kids' books for her (don't gasp -- most are from library sales and cost .25-$1 each), and we check out 10-15 from the library every couple of weeks. And while she is really interested in the library ones because they're "new," she rarely likes to read the same thing immediately.

We read 19 books yesterday, though, so we do repeat quite frequently! (We read nine at the library, plus the whole batch we took home. And that's not counting what Dad read at bedtime!) And there's a list of her favorites in the sidebar of E-Scout, including a link to past favorites.

Needless to say, reading is a passion at our house.


Once again, the childless college student is putting her word in... :)

Robin - I was the same way as a kid! Never wanted a story, just music to fall asleep to. (I was one of those weird kids who 'decodes' reading on their own, when I was 3, and Mom and Dad reading aloud to me always went slower than I could read myself. I got annoyed with that, so I got my own 'reading time' alone before bed - usually 30 minutes - and this was used as leverage during the day. Ten minutes gone every time I misbehaved. No better way to control me than to tell me I couldn't read!) What a nerd I am... :)

But Helene - my sister did stay in the 'bedtime story' phase for a long time, and we usually did the chapter book thing that Emily described - a chapter a night. (Those American Girl books were HUGE with the two of us, by the way! We even had the dolls and most of their clothes and their bedroom sets...) Harry Potter is of course amazing, but back in the day ;) Stuart Little was another favorite of hers. And this one might be better for children a little bit older (I'd say no younger than seven or eight; it's rather complicated) but my personal recommendation is The Indian in the Cupboard. BEAUTIFUL book!

P.S. I had to do a double take when I saw your entry - coincidentally, my name is Jessica (everyone calls me Jess) and my sister's name is Catie (short for Caitlin). Cool! :)

Emily Petrick

My 4 Year Old loves the "Froggy" books for some reason - "Froggy Starts a Marching Band", "Froggy Gets Dressed." If I've read Froggy and the Marching Band once, I've read it...you get the idea. There is also the ever-present Eloise - a dog eared broken copy that was mine from the 60s. I know that one by heart heart heart for lord's sake.

My older daughter reads picture bokks to Lily and me now, or sometimes reads her own chapter book, and other times listens to what I'm reading to Lily.

In the summer time, and on vacation, we usually try to tackle a chapter book together (Harry Potter, American Girl History Books, C.S. Lewis, Hobbit, etc.) , but on school nights it doesn't always happen. And, on Friday Nights, I hate to admit this, but they get to watch a video and go to bed. Usually no story. Mom and dad get a night off. This can even extend to Saturday those evil parents.


My daughter, Maya (3) and I read 5 books every night before bed...this worked well when she was younger and her books were, like, 3 pages long with 1 word on each page. Now it takes forever, and it is such a habit for her. She always has to read The Pokey Little Puppy. Loved reading through this site by the way :)

Melissa S

AGK- That's our current favorite. 'Are You My Mother'...however, I found a shorter board book version. It's perfect!

At the end Max says, as we have a quick cuddle before bed, 'You. Are. A. Bird. And. You. Are. My. Mother.'

If I could feed him a worm I totally would.


For my five-year-old, it's a toss up between two books; Barney's Pizza Shop and Richard Scarry's Busy Town (at least that's our title for the book.) My husband reads to Tony at night, and I can hear him trying to convince our son that another book would be just as good. Nope, it's got to be one of those two.


None now, but for my oldest, it was always (ALWAYS!!! Do you hear me? ALWAYS!!!) "Are You My Mother?" I thought I would lose my mind. I tried to get creative with it, but he always wanted it the way it went. I wanted to "lose" that book so badly. Ummm...the next two children may have never heard of it. I'm not sure why ;)


When my older daughter was not quite 2 (she's now 3.5) we read "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes" every night for about 6 months. It was the only book she liked to hear before bed. My husband and I could recite it without the book, which came in handy when it was left behind at Grammy's for almost a week. My younger daughter is currently into anything from Sandra Boynton so I recite "Moo, Baa, La La La" for my co-workers sometimes and they think I'm hilarious.


Well since I just bought the "Gigantic Turnip", that is the new favorite in my house. Danijela still prefers "Giraffes can't dance" or "Down by the cool of the pool"


Lillianna is 6 1/2 and although we always offer to read her a book she always wants to read to US! She doesn't like a book before bed anymore, just music to go to sleep so we read during the day. When she is reading,she gives me the choice of what I get to hear. I usually choose one of our million Junie B. Jones books. Those books just crack me up.
I admit I miss Goodnight Moon. When she was learning to talk it was the cutest thing for her to fill in the last word on each page like all the kids do. Those days are gone and now she is reading chapter books on her own! I think it is very difficult to be a parent sometimes! Of course I want her to grow up but does it have to be without me? sob!

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